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Welcome back everybody! This definitely hints that Altcoin season could be here, or nearly here, as double digit gains in a day are what all investors ripple cryptocurrency about. So what better time than now, to continue my analysis ripple cryptocurrency the best altcoins at the moment or the ones that have the most potential when I dig around a bit.

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So with that said, you can see my choice today is Ripple or XRP! XRP This is a marmite coin!

You either love it or you hate it! One thing I do know though, XRP is here to stay.

When you have that many staff and hands on deck, you can certainly get a lot done in a year or two. I think this new rebranding from the original 3 blue drop puddle lol only exaggerates this, but it definitely aligns it better with its target ripple cryptocurrency - selling its technology to the banks and ripple cryptocurrency institutions, who then use it in the background to offer their customers better deals and prices.

Whereas Stellar is far superior on price, compared to that.

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Well done Ripple and anyone else that can help these people achieve a better financial freedom. My one last criteria to see if a coin is really doing what it appears to be doing and that is checking it Github activity.

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Because if not, the competition will catch up and leave your coin ripple cryptocurrency. The first page was full of modifications and updates that were only hours old. They are spending money on evolving the code and technology behind XRP, their Github was right up to ripple cryptocurrency

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So it is a deflationary coin and can rise in value from that feature as well. Perhaps leaking information about Bitso has filtered down to the investors?

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Who knows